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 A Proven Method For Growing & Reviving Your Church!

How would you like to see the spiritual condition of your church improved?  To see people you’ve been praying years for be saved?  To see your church attendance and baptisms increased and to witness true holiness and godliness among your people?  It can happen and is happening all across America.

900 Revivals And 90,000 Decisions

My name is William Blackburn.  My wife, Gaius, and I have been full-time Southern Baptist evangelists for the past 26 years.  We have seen the power of God displayed in hundreds of churches.

And along the way we have discovered some God-given principles for evangelism that really work.  Principles that have been used in over 900 churches, with more than 90,000 Recorded Decisions for Christ.  To God be the glory!

Real Evangelism Can Restore And Revive Your Church.

We have witnessed attendance and baptisms increase and churches be transformed by the power of God and for the glory of God!  We’ve seen marriages restored, families reunited and literally thousands of lives changed forever.  All through Evangelism using the principles and methods we have learned over these 26 years.

I believe in Evangelism!  In fact, I believe Bible-based Evangelism is the only hope for the church and the world today.  And I would like to be a help to you.

Let Me Share These Principles And Methods With You.

I would like to share these evangelistic principles and methods with you.  And since I’ll probably never personally be in your church, I’d like to offer you the next best thing.

It’s called:

“Harvest Evangelism”: The Complete Guide To Successful Evangelistic Services.

Harvest Evangelism DVD Harvest Evangelism is a single data DVD  to play on your computer.  It contains video, audio and ebook files.  It is a complete system of tried and true evangelistic methods and principals that have worked in hundreds of churches and will work in your church.

Harvest Evangelism is a step-by-step guide that includes everything you need to implement successful evangelistic services in your church.  There is nothing like it anywhere.

Harvest Evangelism explains how to prepare the hearts of your congregation for evangelism and motivate them to bring friends and relatives to the special emphasis services.

Harvest Evangelism hand carries you through every phase of an evangelistic service and provides all the materials you will need to be successful.

Here Is What You Get With “Harvest Evangelism”

Harvest Evangelism Single Data DVD Contains:

  • Two (2) Videos      (.wmv and .mp4 files)
  • Three (3) Ebooks  (.pdf files)
  • Four (4) Audios     (.mp3 files)

Harvest Evangelism VideoVideo # 1 – INTRODUCTION                                                  In this 10 minute video I introduce the materials and help get you started.

Video # 2 – “MOTIVATIONS FOR EVANGELISM”        This 30-minute message is from 2 Corinthians Chapter 5. You will learn the five things that motivated the Apostle Paul to leave everything behind and evangelize the lost. These five things will motivate you and your church.

Ebook #1 – “HOW TO CONDUCT SUCCESSFUL EVANGELISTIC SERVICES” Ebook - How To Conduct Successful Evangelistic Services

This ebook is 103 pages of Power Packed Evangelistic Information            that explains:

  • What to do.
  • Why to do it.
  • How to do it.
  • When to do it.

There are Plans & Methods for five (5) Special Emphasis Services.  Each service is targeted for a specific group of prospects.

There are Fourteen Planning Calendars: one for each Chapter.  Each task is charted week by week. Every area of an Evangelistic service is covered.  There is nothing left to chance.  If you and your team will follow the calendars and the instructions your evangelistic services will be successful.

I have also included a Special Section “Evangelism & Revival”.  In this section I share with you some of the truths I have learned from 26 years in Evangelism.  I promise these truths with enlighten you and some will even suprise you.  Things such as:

  • “What Is The #1 Problem In The Church Today?”
  • “8 Current Mistakes Being Made In Evangelism.”
  • “What IS Real Evangelism And Real Revival?”
  • “Why Most Revivals Fail.”
  • “The Evidence Of True Salvation.”
  • “What is True Evangelistic Preaching?”
  • “The Plan Of Salvation Is More Than The Gospel!”
  • “How To Use Evangelism To Win The Lost AND To Revive The Saved.”

This is not a book of theories but rather it is the result of years of successful evangelism in hundreds of churches.  The principles and methods found in this ebook will work in your church to revive your church and win the lost to Christ

Ebook - Support MaterialsEbook # 2 – “Support Materials”       This ebook has 38 pages of templates: Including letters, forms, press releases, radio copy, and invitation cards, follow-up letters and much more.

Everything you need to implement the information found in Ebook #1 and support your evangelistic services is found here.

Ebook - PreCrusade Sermons

Ebook #3 – “Crusade Sermons.”            These four sermons are on 37 pages and can be preached prior  to the evangelistic services. They will  prepare the hearts of your congregation for  a real move of God and a harvest of souls.

The hearts of God’s people must be stirred before real revival takes place.  These sermons are designed to do just that.

Audios - PreCrusade SermonsAudios – Pre-Crusade Sermons               The Pre-Crusade Sermons are also provided in audio form.  These messages were recorded in one of the greatest revivals in 50 years.  It lasted ten weeks and had more than 1300 professions of faith.

Here are the titles: 

  • “God’s Plan For Revival”
  • “The Danger Of Secret Sin”
  • “Are You a Backslider?”
  • “How To Decide Questionable Things”    

Win The Lost And Revive Your Church Beginning Today.

Harvest Evangelism has everything you need to be successful. It will show you how to master the methods and techniques for filling your auditorium, creating an atmosphere conducive for evangelism, reviving your church, winning the lost and incorporating them into the fellowship of your church.

Harvest Evangelism is a complete “encyclopedia” for implementing successful evangelistic services that will grow your church and the Kingdom of God. The information in this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind course is laid out for you in precise step-by-step detail.  It is a complete system.

Harvest Evangelism Is A Step By Step Guide To Success!

Dr. Jeff BeshearsPastor Eddy Matthews Pastor Shelton & Pastor Ratliff

Evangelism and Revival Still Work Today!

Many today say Evangelism and Revivals don’t work any more.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Evangelism and Revivals are the only things that do work!

Most Christians have never seen a Real Move Of God!  They want it, they hope for it, they talk about it, and they pray for it.  But Most Have Never Seen It!

That is why many today think Evangelism and Revival don’t work anymore.  Because most have never experienced True Revival for themselves.

Well, my friends, I am here to tell you Evangelism and Revival are alive and well and will work if we remember one thing: “God’s Work Must Be Done God’s Way.”

Our Purpose Is To Glorify God And Be A Help To You.

This is the purpose of Harvest Evangelism.  It is Bible-based and God-honoring.  The methods and principles have been blessed by God time and time again with thousands of souls being saved and lives being changed.  Real Revival can happen in your church!Satisfaction Guaranteed

Harvest Evangelism has a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the materials for any reason, simply return them within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.  We will also replace any defective DVD without charge.

Get Harvest Evangelism And Start Reviving And Growing Your Church TODAY!

I encourage you to get Harvest Evangelism TODAY!  The price is $47 with FREE SHIPPING.  Put it into action and trust God to bring a real Holy Ghost Revival to your church and your people.


Simply Click the “BUY NOW” Button below.  

Harvest Evangelism DVD

Harvest Evangelism DVD Includes:

  • Video #1“Introduction”
  • Video #2“Motivations for Evangelism”
  • Ebook #1“How To Conduct Successful                            Evangelistic Services”
  • Ebook #2“Support Materials”
  • Ebook #3“Pre-Crusade Sermons”
  • Four Audios“Pre-Crusade Sermons                                                                        

                                                                                      Only $47 with FREE SHIPPING!

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This DVD is a data DVD that will play in any computer DVD drive at very high resolution video. This DVD will NOT play in DVD players attached to TV sets.


  • All orders are shipped within 1 business day.
  • US orders are shipped First Class Mail or Priority Mail.
  • International orders shipped Global First Class Mail.
  • DVD is packaged in secure Amaray case, and is shipped in professional protective packages.

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